Janice Sweet Fairley & Kathy Williams White







About our Founders:
Janice Sweet Fairley
Kathy Williams White


Sisters in Ministry was founded in April of 2005. 
Our purpose is to:

* Lift Jesus up in our community.

* Equip Christian Sisters to follow God's lead onto their
   ministry assignment.

* To prepare and develop women for Christian service.

Motto:  Possessing your vision must include understanding, respecting and believing in God and yourself.

SIM Goals 2011-2015

·    Continued work impacting God’s people by means of listening and acting on God’s plans

·    Broaden the Ministry Outreach and Visibility

·    Maintaining the fellowship and relationship with Together We can Make a Difference

·    Hosting Men Who Cook…celebrating men during the Father’s Day weekend

·   Compilation of the “best of”  TBSS messages

What do you do, when you know that God has a mission for you and it doesn’t seem that anyone cares?  You do, as Pastor Donnie McClurkin sings, You Stand, and let God handle the rest.

That’s how Sisters In Ministry came to be.  After acknowledging that God had called us into the ministry, we, Janice Fairley and I, let God work and He birthed, Sisters In Ministry.  We are a community based ministry, born April 1, 2005, with a purpose to :

Lift Jesus up in our Community; Equip Christian Sisters to follow God’s lead into their ministry assignments and Prepare and develop women for Christian Service. 

From its birth in 2005, God has used SIM (Sisters In Ministry) in a mighty way.  Annual Conferences and other activities have been held.  Listed below are the events SIM has sponsored and/or taken part in:

September 2005            Fall Conference “To Be Used By God”
July 2006                      Internet Predator Workshop
September 2006            Fall Conference “Claiming, Possessing and Writing the Vision”
March 2007                   Woman in the Mirror Conference
April 2007                     Priceless Easter Basket Project at Jackson County Medical Care
July 2007                      Saints Night Out/Dinner and comedy night
Fall 2007                      Fall Conference “Higher Heights, Deeper Depths: Keeping the
                                   Vision-Enlarging Our Territory
April 2008                    Founders Day Luncheon

September 2008          4th Annual Fall Conference

March 2009                 2nd Annual Founders' Day Luncheon

We continue to solicit your prayers and support as we continue to minister to the Jackson and surrounding community.